A Coventry University, Product Design Student's exploration of past iconic design, present inspirational design and motivational future design.


Finally Smart has released new editions to their great line of nifty, little cars. More than 10 years since the original Fortwo and Forfour accellerated into the main street of cities, Smart have now launched new versions.

I like the combination colours and hope that they are options for the customer to customise, similarly to the Citroen ds3. I would have liked the car to offer more “smart technologies” as the name kind of suggests right? As being compact is great for city life but they gave us that a decade ago.

I don’t often criticise concepts entirely but the “Tennis Picker” by Kim Seunghyun and Yu Yunjo is sadly an exception. Firstly, most tennis players either pick the balls up using the racquets to bounce them or lifting them up with you foot as well. Secondly, the velcro strap on top of the racquet will harm the aerodynamics. Thirdly, using the velcro will damage the balls and wear them out more quickly. A clever and simple solution to pick up tennis balls is not what it seems and is actually rather pointless.

Simon Wilson - Remember Remember - Delight in Light

Really clever yet simple design by Simon Wilson, well worth a look (via the link) and well worth a vote!

Laser Sintered Running Concept - Michael Weyrauch and Tom Luedecke

A innovative method of designing and manufacturing footwear, this 3D Laser Sintering method builds layers from using powder coats. Ensuring that rubber pods are used for the sole, an exterior cage can be formed. The one thing I see being a problem is protection from harmful objects and from the weather.

Rheinring Arch - Marco Hemmerling

A beautiful cantilevered bridge that links the two bridges which connected the two halves of Cologne. The walkway takes inspiration and style influences from prominent buildings in the cty such as the Lanxess Arena, the central station and the Museum Ludwig.

I think the pedestrian walkway is a brilliant design as it builds a modern connection between the city and the river which has influenced the growth and history of Cologne.

Nike Football: Factory to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The brilliance of design, more specifically the brilliance of footwear design! Some great ideation sketches, to prototyping models, to factory manufacturing. This video shows the process of designing football boots for elite professionals such as Ronaldo at Nike.

AWWA-VA GIGAbay - Oscar Viñals

This new AWWA concept features green technology in an oversized cargo plane. These technologies include; four hybrid engines, fuel cell stack, wind generators and solar energy. I like the clever idea of integrating wind and solar energy as up in the sly, the plane can really take advantage of these systems.

The package drawing shows how big and how much cargo space the GIGAbay offers compared to Airbus and Boeing, however this concept creates less of an impact.

A great collection of work from Canadian artist, Dead Dilly where countries in the World Cup’s jerseys have been redesigned by famous fashion labels. These are four of my favourites; Spain by Balenciaga, USA by Rick Owens, England by Alexander McQueen and Germany by Jils Sander.

Homeless Haven - Ke Wan, Xiaohua Ma, Xing Guo and Qingxiang Zhu

This is a clever transformation shelter which acts as a bench during the day but expands in to a home for the homeless at night. I like how the concept integrates a save, warm and dry shelter for the homeless in to the urban environment. A problem that I can see arising from this idea is that the permanent shelters are owned by the council/state etc, which still leaves the person without a place they can call their home. The shelter may offer comfort for a night but the next night someone else may be in that one and all the rest are full. For this reason I feel that personal, portable shelter concepts are more appealing to homeless people as it allows freedom.

Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini World Cup football boots are things of beauty. Designed specifically for 8 of the world’s biggest footballing nations, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain. Sadly, I don’t think the England ones are as good as the rest but that is due to how our St George’s flag doesn’t fit the three strip pattern well. The Brazil, France and Argentina ones are gorgeous and I may have to get a pair of one of them myself.