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The donation video of my shade design! Brilliant to see one of your designs manufactured, even better to see it going to such a great cause and be part of improving people’s lives.

Panasonic’s Cut Out the Darkness first donation to Sumba Island, Indonesia movie report.

A greatly moving and emotional video of Panasonic’s solar lanterns and shade designs being donated.

Dome Home - Steve Areen

In a friend’s Mango filed in Thailand, Steve Areen built his own home in 6 weeks for $9,000.What a beautiful home it is. The colour, the interior, the fantastic curves all make this tropical igloo fit perfectly into its setting.

England Home and Away Football Kit for 2014 World Cup

Today, Nike released the new home and away kits for England’s 2014 World Cup voyage. The home kit is an elegant all white strip which looks minimalistic but is extremely tailored and personal when considered in full detail.

The strip has a pin strip pattern that emulates the ideas of St George and the knights’ chainmail armour. These details have a hint of shine and satin in order to glow like the armour. Similarly to the Brazil World Cup kit, the England kits feature the same technology designs such as the laser vents and Dri-Fit.

The away kit also displays fine, beautoful detail in its design. The red shirt has a unique neck collar which looks great with the pin strip design. The red socks and top reflect the iconic 1966 kit which England wore when they won their only World Cup.

I really like both kits, i feel that the all white kit is becoming an iconic design for England’s home kit and love the amount of detail Nike have gone in to, in order to make it special and personal. I always love the red kit and am happy that it has been reurned. For too long England’s kits have incorporated blue instead of red which is just wrong. As great as these new designs are and as much as I am looking forward to England doing well this summer in them, I wouldn’t spend £90 on it

City of Dreams Hotel - Zaha Hadid

A beautiful, challenging and thought-provoking design by Zaha Hadid again. This Hotel in Macau is not just stunning from the outside but also inside. The lobby is just incredible. As amazing as this design is, I keep seeing more and more “Zaha Hadid” designs and they all seem to be as bold as the next. It is making me think whether a design is created with no relation to the city or its surrounding i.e. Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku. It also makes me wonder whether her name is just given because of the presidence it has at the moment because surely she can’t design so many massive projects. Zaha Hadid must have a big team behind her to complete all these buildings. I honestly feel that her sky-rocketting success is underminding the boldness and challenging design style she has taken decades to strengthen.

NASA Z-2 Spacesuit design

NASA has asked the public to vote for their favourite spacesuit design to be used as the Z-2 Spacesuit.Personally, I think the second design is the best as the blue light is easily recognisable and it a less intimidating colour than yellow, The third design is cool but the white light makes the whole suit seem to black and white which reflects bad things.

Apple Designer Jonathan Ive Gives Rare, Remarkable Interview | TIME

A great article about Jonathan Ive’s first interview in 20 years, where he discusses how he went to work for Apple, how him and Steve Jobs created such a special and successful partnership, and what is next for the company. It is a truly fascinating read which is summed up spectacularly at the end… “Tomorrow doesn’t wait for the man who designs it”.

Motorola moto 360

The moto 360 has to be the best smart watch design that I have seen to date. It blends the new smart technology with classical watch design in a minimalist style.

It is the first smart watch powered by Google’s android wear platform and it seamlessly keeps the user up to date without distracting. Subtle notifications alert the user to emails, texts, calls, meetings and social posts and can be reached with a simple twist of the wrist. As well the smart watch responds to your voice, just say “OK Google” to search questions, send texts, schedule meetings and take notes.

The beautiful merge of smart technology and classical design creates a watch which doesn’t feel alienated to wear. It is both comfortable and familar on your wrist whilst offering the latest technology needs.