A Coventry University, Product Design Student's exploration of past iconic design, present inspirational design and motivational future design.


Nike LeBron 12

A really, really like these new Nike LeBron 12 basketball shoes. I think that not just the colourways are brilliant but so is the research behind the design. The form isn’t a gimmick or just for style, these trainers were created in the lab.



I’ve seen a few different types of bike parts transforming into locks and this has to be up with the best. The saddle device has been tried and tested against many stealing methods meaning you can feal secure about leaving your bicycle.


Checkpoint - Roxy Paine

American artist, Roxy Paine has hand carved a life-sized airport security checkpoint to be displayed at the Marianne Boesky gallery in New York.


ora ïto mobility family fuses technology and design at maison et objet

the ‘mobility’ collection brings life to the regular cold, rigid electronics’ design. using nomadic styling, soft textures and kvadrat material the products reflect personalities.


höweler + yoon’s swing time illuminates boston park

'swing time' creates a greater sense of community as it creates an interactive space for individuals or groups to enjoy whilst relaxing, chatting or exercising.


Havaianas ‘Music Collection’ concept  - Federica Sanavio

A minimalist innovative design of the Havaianas sandals.

X1 water bike - Schiller Sport

A great and unique product from Judah Schillar and his team at Schiller Sport inc which lets you cycle on the water. Forget road or mountain biking, this looks better! The X1 is a second installment from his initial development.
I wrote an article for designboom about this product and you can view it here http://www.designboom.com/technology/schiller-sport-x1-water-bike-cycling-08-28-2014/

Nike Foam - Etienne Bougeot

'Everybody has experienced that frustrating moment when you put extra shoes in your bag for a journey or after the gym session.

You find yourself holding them above your travel bag wondering how can I take them without ruining both my clothes and bag?

With that insight I started to think about the issues which led me to bring solutions through a 3 day workshop. Nike foam is one of the answers to avoid those worries’
A great problem and solution from Etienne, the solution is really creative plus his visualisation is fantastic. The first image is a show stopper! Character, skill and beauty all in one.