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Nike Foam - Etienne Bougeot

'Everybody has experienced that frustrating moment when you put extra shoes in your bag for a journey or after the gym session.

You find yourself holding them above your travel bag wondering how can I take them without ruining both my clothes and bag?

With that insight I started to think about the issues which led me to bring solutions through a 3 day workshop. Nike foam is one of the answers to avoid those worries’
A great problem and solution from Etienne, the solution is really creative plus his visualisation is fantastic. The first image is a show stopper! Character, skill and beauty all in one.

Saying things that can’t be said - Daniel Sher

This is a really cool project! Looking into the human interactions and trying to reenact the feelings of touch, pressure and warmth when we hug someone, Daniel has created a range of objects that interact with people in long distance relationships.

Ziplite - Pranav Balasubramanian

Not sure how much people would pay for this product but the idea behind is great and shows how design can be all about problem solving. This may only be a small hassle, yet the Ziplite solves the issue of finding something from your bag when its dark. The light is magnetic so attaches easily to the zip - lets hope the magnet doesn’t attract everything metal in your bag - and turns off when the zip has reached the end.

Nike “house of mamba” - AKQA

Teaming up with Nike, AKQA has developed the “house of mamba”, a full sized LED basketball court. the display is reactive and uses motion tracking to aid visualisation in training and drills.

UNITI Stand - iForte

i great concept this which unites your apple products in one stand. your mac is elevated and offers charging docks for your iphone, ipods and ipads. the aesthetics continue the apple material and finishes with a thin and nicely radius edges.

sorry i haven’t been able to tumblr for awhile but I’ve got big news. I am now working for designboom (the design and architecture magazine) as an editor for their technology section. I have moved out to Milan and have just started my second week on the job! I will hopefully be posting a lot more pictures of great work up here for you all. thank you for all the support

Flare Pot - Lakeland

A great collaboration between Rocket Scientist, Dr Thomas Povey and UK Kitchenware Manufacturer, Lakeland has created a more efficient cooking pot. The cast aluminium pot has fins that direct the heat across the bottom and up the sides of it. This captures energy which would normally be wasted and results in heating the food 40% faster, reaching cooking temperatures 34% faster and uses 24% less energy than conventional pots.

Finally Smart has released new editions to their great line of nifty, little cars. More than 10 years since the original Fortwo and Forfour accellerated into the main street of cities, Smart have now launched new versions.

I like the combination colours and hope that they are options for the customer to customise, similarly to the Citroen ds3. I would have liked the car to offer more “smart technologies” as the name kind of suggests right? As being compact is great for city life but they gave us that a decade ago.

I don’t often criticise concepts entirely but the “Tennis Picker” by Kim Seunghyun and Yu Yunjo is sadly an exception. Firstly, most tennis players either pick the balls up using the racquets to bounce them or lifting them up with you foot as well. Secondly, the velcro strap on top of the racquet will harm the aerodynamics. Thirdly, using the velcro will damage the balls and wear them out more quickly. A clever and simple solution to pick up tennis balls is not what it seems and is actually rather pointless.